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Ticket submission guidelines

What is a ticket?

The term ‘ticket’ refers to a reported issue or a question that is posted on the help desk system. Every ticket has a unique reference number which will be used in all communication regarding the issue.

Steps towards a ticket

Follow these steps to create a ticket

  1. Visit
  2. Click New support ticket.
  3. Click Submit to submit the ticket.

You'll receive an e-mail after submitting your ticket. Click the link in the e-mail to view the status of your ticket in the help desk website.


Managing your tickets

The ticket list of the support application provides an overview of the tickets you have submitted. Tickets can have different statuses, like open, closed, awaiting customer response, on hold, etc. Please make sure to promptly provide all information that is required by our Customer Success Team to solve your issue in the quickest and best possible way.