1. Execute the install command & start the service

Open a command prompt as an Administrator, navigate to the project folder and run the following commands to install & start Smart Flows as a Windows service:

C:\Users\myprofile>cd C:\Xpertdoc Smart Flows\project-prod

C:\Xpertdoc Smart Flows\project-prod> smartflows-server install
C:\Xpertdoc Smart Flows\project-prod> smartflows-server start

To confirm if the service is started you can always check the log files.

In the server XML file in your installation folder it’s specified where the logs are stored, for example:


Open the log file and look for the entry “application started", if this entry is in there, the service start is confirmed.

2. Test

Browse to your XSF server. The server can be found at the project.baseurl of your application.properties file, followed by the port number (if the default port is not used). You should see the login screen.

3. Login

The username will always be ‘admin’, the password is the one configured in the application properties file ('sample.user.password').

You will be asked to change this password during initialization. Hereafter, you should remove the password property in the application file.

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