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To download the server component (a zip file), you will need a MyXpertdoc Account. Access can be requested through our Support Desk or will be provided after purchasing the license.

1. Unzip the server component 

Unpack the ZIP-file in the installation folder (C:\Xpertdoc-SmartFlows\).

2. Rename of the folder to be meaningful

For example name reflects role: project-test, project-prod… resulting in “C:\Xpertdoc-SmartFlows\project-prod”. 

3. Create the application.properties file

Create a blank text file called application.properties in the project folder (here: project-prod)

# where users will be accessing Smart Flows

# SSL certificate details

# where the database is

# Password that will be used as the admin password

# Uncomment when using HTTP instead of HTTPS:
# cookie.secure=false 

Update the parameters according to your setup.

  • project.baseurl: the address of your XSF server as seen by the end-user (include port number if not using default port)

  • server.ssl.key-store: refers to the certificate created earlier (see: Prerequisites)

  • server.ssl.key-store-password: replace with the password of your certificate

  • server.ssl.key-store-type: do not change

  • project.datasource.jdbc-url: see Prerequisites

  • project.datasource.username: see Prerequisites

  • project.datasource.password: see Prerequisites

  • sample.user.password: choose a password for your first login (will be changed at the initial project setup)

3.1. JWT tokens

On premise users should configure JWT tokens during installation.

jwt.secretThe secret to use as the secret when signing and validating JWTs provided by Smart Flows.No (highly recommended)Randomly chosen E.g.: 1e38b0lMFqccDuOA
jwt.expirationThe amount of seconds a JWT is valid.No86400 (= 24 hours)
cookie.saltValue used to encode cookie stamp. If no set, it will be generated on startup. This means all user sessions will be invalidated on restart of the server.NoRandomly chosen E.g.: 797204

Randomly chosen: Choose this yourself. Treat them like personal passwords.

IMPORTANT! Use other values for jwt.secret and cookie.salt then in the examples.

3.2. Configuring DocuSign

If you want at a certain point to configure DocuSign, you need to make changes to the application.properties file

Go here for more detail

4. Update the Smartflows-server.xml file

This file can be found in the project folder. Update the content of the file to reflect the role of the server.

	<name>Xpertdoc Smart Flows Server</name>
	<description>Xpertdoc Smart Flows Server</description>

To differentiate multiple Smart Flows servers on the same machine, change the service parameters as follows:

  • Rename the service id from ‘smartflows-server’ to ‘smartflows-prod’

  • Rename the service name to ‘Xpertdoc Smart Flows Prod’

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We will be transitioning to a new and improved knowledge base in the near future. Stay tuned here for updates as we prepare for launch.