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Previous Version: 4.12.5
Release Date: 3/1829/2022

Release Notes 

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DocuSign Support

We've added the capability to create and capture form fields in DocuSign envelopes.This feature extends the existing DocuSign integration to enable creating and sending of DocuSign envelopes. The envelopes contain input fields that recipients of the envelope can fill out, and you can seamlessly the submitted data. This feature includes:

  • A new DocuSign data set type in the Project Console to create and manage sets of DocuSign input fields

  • Capabilities to manage envelope recipients and form fields in Template Builder

  • Extending the Send to DocuSign flow block to retrieve data submitted via form fields.



Support for multiple login connectors

Users can now be synchronized from multiple connectors to host systems, if they have an Xpertdoc Smart Flows role in those host systems, allowing the user to log into the flow execution panel and the project console with different sets of credentials based on the host system from which they start a flow execution.



Sort users by connector access

Administrators can now see within Project Console which connectors their synced users have access to and drill down based on user identities and connector access.



Connector testing failure produces no error message

Some users experienced an issue where no error message was shown when a connector failed to connect to a project. A silent rollback caused this failure to display an error message in the spring framework. We have implemented a fix to correct the issue.



Smart Flows drop-down menus unusable in mobile view

Smart Flows users trying to map an "OptionSet" field in their flow cannot select a field from the drop-down field or view the flow reporting on a mobile device. We've implemented a change in our CSS to resolve the issue permanently.



Condition builder fails when using greater than operator( > )

Some users utilizing the greater than operator when building a condition did not receive the expected result. When we initially added condition building as a feature, the system only evaluated one result. We've added multi-result evaluation to resolve the error.



Data lost when filtering with equal(=) and not equal operators(<>)

When filtering with an equal or not equal filter operator, some users experienced a complete removal of data rather than the data being filtered out. This error occurred because the operators were not part of the original filtering feature. We have updated the code to account for the equal and not equal operators.



Print flow does not display the common name for the printer

Users running a flow with a Print flow block set to allow users to select from multiple printers see the string name for the printer. The system produced this error due to not targeting the PrinterVal field; we add a fix to target the correct field.



fail to filter on Boolean fields

Some users experienced a failure to filter when using Boolean conditions on data sets. This error was caused by a change in the scope of results after implementation. We have added a fix that takes into account for more filter results.



Endpoint API "langid" returns false

When using Postman to send a call to the language endpoint, the response for "langid" returned false when the expected outcome was true. This error resulted from an improvement in our system. We made our language support dynamic, but the value check remained binary. We have added a dynamic validation to resolve the issue permanently.



Preview Sample drop-down disappears after loading or does not show a loading spinner

In Project Console, users attempting to use the drop-down menu experienced an error where the loading spinner did not display. After trying to load, the drop-down menu disappears. We've implemented a fix for both issues



Restored Add and Manage Users by Security Group

Admins attempting to manage their connected users via security groups in the active directory experienced a NullPointerException when syncing users. This error was caused by case sensitivity in the field. We have removed case sensitivity to fix the bug permanently.



Adding a tag to a flow causes the flow name to disappear

When adding a tag to a flow, some users experienced the flow name disappearing from view until they reloaded the page. We have implemented a change in the code to correct the issue.



XperiDo conditioned dynamic fields failed import

Some users experienced scrambled or missing fields when importing from XperiDo, requiring them to manually change items that failed to import. This issue was due to system's inability to evaluate the required number of results. We've implemented a fix to expand the result sets to encompass additional expected scenarios.



Incorrect Failed to Delete message

Users would instead receive the popup message "Failed to data sets when deleting a flow or a template in Project Console." We have implemented a fix to display the correct "failed to delete" error message throughout the Project Console.



Legacy XperiDo Sugar CRM customers experience error "RETRIEVE TEST AUTOMATE"

Legacy XperiDo Sugar CRM customers experienced this error when using the "Assigned User' field in a 1:N relation. The error was caused by the system calling for the incorrect field. We have implemented a fix to ensure the system calls the correct field.



System fonts do not save when a project has custom fonts

Some customers using custom fonts experienced high system usage when switching between fonts. This error occurred because the system no longer cached system fonts when customer fonts were present. We have restored and fortified the caching function to resolve the issue permanently.



Incorrect Document Name retrieved from SharePoint

Some users retrieving existing documents from SharePoint during a flow experienced an issue where the filename for the retrieved document would instead use the content type. The system experienced this error due to a transposing of two values. We have added an automated test to correct the error and prevent future issues.



Correct formatting error in flow reporting

Users with flows that run in under two minutes experienced an issue in formatting on the time value( 1 TIME. MINUTE). We've implemented a fix to allow the system better to coordinate the use of minutes and seconds operators.



Improve document timeline legend display

When viewing the document timeline in Project Console, the pop-up legend ordering was the inverse of the color displayed to the user. We have fixed this to have the legend match the graph(licensed, Document pack).



Optimize number parsing for pseudo fields

When some customers created previews, the occasionally the preview generation took an unreasonable amount of time. We've optimized our system to only parse values on the first occurrence and when there's a change in the value. This optimization dramatically reduces the time to generate a preview.



Improve administrator impersonation

Impersonation within Sugar is inconsistent in the way that it is applied. We've standardized where impersonation does and does not occur to ensure both consistent results and best-in-class security practices.


We will be transitioning to a new and improved knowledge base in the near future. Stay tuned here for updates as we prepare for launch.