This app for Sugar provides a turn-key integration of Xpertdoc Smart Flows with SugarCRM's leading Customer Engagement platform. It enables Sugar users to interact with Xpertdoc's document flow automation capabilities from within their familiar Sugar user experience.  

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Step 1: Create Sugar Connector

In the Xpertdoc Smart Flows Project Console, go to Control Panel > Connectors. Create a new connector.

Give the connector a name and choose Sugar as the connector type.

Insert the URL of the Sugar instance to which you want to connect your Xpertdoc Smart Flows project.


Configuration during Project Initialisation

The Sugar connector can also be configured during the initialisation of your project. If you are licensed for Xpertdoc for Sugar, the initialisation wizard will prompt you for the URL of a Sugar instance. From that point onwards, follow the steps below.

Login with admin credentials for the selected Sugar instance. Make sure to tick the box to install/update the Sugar Package. This will create an Xpertdoc Smart Flows app package for Sugar that you can upload in your Sugar instance via Module Loader.

Step 2: Create, Upload and Install the Xpertdoc App Package for Sugar

In the next step, the wizard creates an app package that you can upload in Sugar. Download the package ZIP archive (1) and then click the link to Module Loader (2). 

In Module Loader, upload the package ZIP archive (1-2) and install it (3). It will be added to the list of installed extensions (4).

During the installation you are prompted to Accept the license. Commit to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Set up the Configuration Record

After installing the Xpertdoc Smart Flows App Package in Sugar, return to the wizard in the Xpertdoc Smart Flows Project Console and click next.

Create a configuration record. This is the actual handshake between your Sugar instance and your Xpertdoc Smart Flows project. It will be saved in a custom table in that the app package has added to your Sugar instance. Tick both options in this box:

  • create the configuration record
  • create an API key


Step 4: Grant User Roles and Sync Users

In Sugar, The Xpertdoc App adds three roles for users:

  • Xpertdoc Smart Flows Administrator
  • Xpertdoc Smart Flows Designer
  • Xpertdoc Smart Flows User

Grant these roles to the appropriate users in Sugar. To do so, open a role, scroll down to the Users subpanel and select the users to whom you want to grant the role. For more information about the differences between the roles, check the Users section.

Back in the project Console, go to the Control Panel > Users to sync the connected users from Sugar.

User named admin

The user named "admin" will not sync in version 4.2.0 of Xpertdoc for Sugar. This user cannot be used to execute flows. This restriction will be lifted in a later iteration.

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