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Smart Flows comes with several user roles with varying privileges. This helps you manage control of your projects by defining what each person can do within the project. They are also several user types which define how you add and manage the head count of your users within Smart Flows.

User roles

There are 4 user roles in Smart Flows. A user role defines a user's privileges and access within Smart Flows.




Administrators have access to all components of Smart Flows with no restrictions. They are also able to assign and manage the roles of other users.


Designers have a reduced number of Project Console abilities- they are unable to make major changes that could break the project. They can also access the Template Builder add-in for designing templates.

Super User

Super Users are like users, but they can run other users' flows. Most Superusers are being assigned this role when they will be using the API. This role can only be assigned to native users.


Can access the Flow Execution Panel and run flows.

User types

User types define how user profiles are created and managed within Smart Flow. User types define how you added them to Smart Flows. User Roles define what they can do.

There are 4 user types in Smart Flows:



Native users

Native users are created and deactivated within Smart Flows. Native users count against your total number of licenses.

Native Admin User

A special native user that comes with all Smart Flows purchases. This user type always has the Administrator user role and ensures that customers can login into Smart Flows if they change their CRM system.

Connected users

Connected users already exist in your CRM system and when the CRM is connected to Smart Flows, the user list is connected as well. This connection allows you to use the same users from CRM in Smart Flows and set their user role in your CRM system. With automatic syncing (if enabled), you can manage your users 100% from within your existing CRM. Connected users count aganist your total number of licenses.

System users

System users are users that are required for the system to function, but you cannot use them to login to Smart Flows. You cannot edit their settings or remove them - they just exist.

Individual User Settings

Basic settings

Apart from the basic settings, users have the following settings:

Basic User Settings List View


This is where you can change a native user's password.

User Security Settings List View

API keys

API keys are used to authenticate with the API, see Using the API for more information.

User API Keys List View

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We will be transitioning to a new and improved knowledge base in the near future. Stay tuned here for updates as we prepare for launch.