Release Cycle

Software Product Releases

Xpertdoc Smart Flows is an actively supported product. This means that Xpertdoc continuously works to improve, optimize and extend the product's functional feature set, user experience, architectural design and security aspects. These efforts result in regular software releases, which are either minor releases or patch releases.

  • Minor Releases: 
    New features and feature deprecations are usually introduced with minor releases. The target is to have a minor release every quarter. Minor releases are numbered according to the following pattern: 'Major Version Number'.'Minor Release Number' (e.g 4.7).

  • Patch Releases: 
    Fixes and improvements on existing product features are regularly made available as patch releases. Patch versions are released on an ad hoc basis in between minor releases. Patch releases are numbered according to the following pattern: 'Major Version Number'.'Minor Release Number'.'Patch Release Number' (e.g. 4.7.2).

Supported Releases

The type of support you'll get depends on which version you are:

  • If you are on the latest version, you receive full support.
  • If you are on a previous version, we'll strongly recommend you to update to validate if the issue is not already fixed. We will never release a patch for older versions meaning that fixes are always on the most recent version.

Access to Software Updates

All Xpertdoc Smart Flows customers with a subscription based product plan or a license based plan with maintenance subscription are entitled to receive the releases under the terms of their subscription or maintenance plan. Release availability is announced via the Xpertdoc Knowledge base, via My Xpertdoc and via e-mail notification. 

Roll-out of Software Releases

The effective roll-out of a new release in your Xpertdoc Smart Flows environment(s) is related to the deployment method(s) you are using.

  • Public Cloud or Fully Managed Service:
    If you use Xpertdoc Smart Flows as a service (SaaS) which is fully managed by Xpertdoc, then your tenant(s) will automatically receive minor and patch release updates. Your tenants main contact will be notified by e-mail at least a week in advance for minor releases. Managed Service customers on dedicated infrastructure will be notified of the availability of a new release and will be invited to approve a suggested update window.

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