Release Date

March 9, 2021

Release Notes


Project Console

36915 - Rework the warning/error message in the flow results when an error occurs in a flow

37125 - Migrate DocuSign's httpClients to RestTemplate

37228 - Migrate PrintNode's HttpClient to RestTemplate


36086 - Remove unnecessary logs statements

36438 - Improve logging features

36599 - Upgrade Aspose.words to latest version

36785 - Speed up cleanup of large documents

36931 - During cleanup, remove objects in chunks from the database


Flow Execution Panel

37017 - Unable to write decimals in custom dataset number inputs

Project Console

36902 - Document backside property in Print step does not allow to select a document

36939 - In the condition editor, when comparing 2 fields of a data set with each other, the condition throws a parse exception

36965 - When saving an existing condition on a composition template, if you save without modifying, the condition disappears

36968 - Multi level condition doesn't work properly

37028 - .xml document format extension generate .docx document

37264 - Mapping certain documents in a text field in a flow don't resolve to id's

37266 - When using Http-steps, query parameters with invalid uri characters will result in URIParseExceptions

37475 - When a template that does not compile is used in a flow, a null pointer exception occurs 

Dynamics / SharePoint integration

36730 - When clicking the smart flows button in a Dynamics connector with ADFS login, the execution panel executionId context is lost

37453 - Unable to configure Dynamics on premise connector

SugarCRM integration

37478 - The description "No enum constant com.xperido.plugins.sugar.model.dto.SugarEmailAction.draft" appears when using the "E-mail (Sugar)" step in a flow


37412 - Spring boot cache-control prevents font files from being cached in IE11

37430 - Headers configured in the HttpConnector are not used

37449 - Unable to sync tag groups

37477 - The error "No data was found to generate the document" occurs on existing D365 and Salesforce Flows

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.9/Downloads

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