Release Date

February 1, 2021

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

36340 - Ability to close all tabs at once on the flow execution panel

36737 - On anonymous Smart Forms, enhance save as draft and allow to specify initial data

Project Console

35673 - Button group filter for data sets & templates for the different types

36339 - Remove the ability to create a block 'Retrieve data from URL'

36188 - Remove info logging when updating user

Dynamics integration

36473 - Log all queries that are sent to dynamics

SugarCRM integration

36544 - Better clean up of the cached http client

Salesforce integration

37300 - Add support for custom fields of type Geolocation


36974 - Make the frontend application clickjack-proof


Flow Execution Panel

36441 - When successfully completing a flow that had a WAITING Store in Xpertdoc Content Manager, the success message shouldn't say that it is waiting

36891 - Save as draft button is being displayed as processing

Project Console

36567 - Stop flow block doesn't stop the flow from generating the primary document

36600 - Fetch Document with resource only lists one connector

36700 - The filter for the current user is lost when filters are cleared

36702 - Opening the data set picker a second time on a different condition node, results in an invalid field error

37222 - FileSystemConnector is broken on preview

37270 - Mapping certain documents in a text field in a flow don't resolve to id's

Dynamics / SharePoint integration

36346 -  Cannot save to SharePoint document location if the site is differently cased than the SharePoint Document Location

37179 - Sharepoint Document locations aren't properly created

SugarCRM integration

36626 - Nullpointer during creation of Sugar meta data

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.8/Downloads

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