Release Date

November 19, 2020

Release Notes


Xperido Migration

36932- When importing an XperiDo project, if a template has a dataset link not contained in the import, try to find a matching dataset in the project (by name)



36329 - The order in which documents are merged is jumbled 

Project Console

36189 - After creating a sample for a custom dataset, not all fields are filled in when editing the sample

36287 - Flow builder: Drag and drop into condition block not working for simple flow type

36341 - Mapping data in the 'Create Data' block difficult with long field names

36470 - Not able to start a flow form Dynamics when 200+ records are selected

36488 - Cannot create a thumbnail of a CompiledComposedTemplate or a CompiledPortalTemplate

36530 - Drag drop in custom data set builder doesn't work (any more?)

36940 - When overwriting on import, if the template/dataset imported contains extra fields, the document generation fails.

36960 - Infinite loading when modifying the name of Schema dataset sample 

Salesforce Integration

36776 - Samples don't show on Salesforce data sets

Dynamics Integration

36275 - Error during flow execution when a dynamics workflow is started

36964 - When using the Dynamics solution in IE11, the buttons won't load

Template Builder

36918 - Error when adding a pseudo field

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.7/Downloads

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