Release Date

November 2, 2020

Release Notes


Salesforce Integration (NEW)

36145 - Introduction of the Salesforce connector, allowing connectivity of Smart Flows with Salesforce to generate documents


Flow Execution Panel

36297 - Pressing 'enter' to confirm edit of a tab submits the form.

Project Console

35866 - Unable to backup file when using Backup & Restore from control panel

36140 - Opening a flow based on template with multiple data sets causes the flow-data-link-helper to clear data mapped in the generate document step

36158 - Fields not selected when new relation is added

36252 - Email address fields loose focus after typing the first character

36260 - Invalid document name after calling 'Start Document Services'

36281 - No indication of which properties are invalid and in which fields to fix it when creating multiple fields in custom dataset

36322 - Selecting a field with filter in the data set builder, clears the filter

36475 - Internal flow execution documents count for the licensed document count

36909 - Show warning when selecting a one-to-many relation in another one-to-many related entity

Template Builder for Microsoft Word

36805 - Internal server error occurs during evaluation of pseudo-field

Sugar Integration

36776 - Data set entity with display name X not found

Dynamics Integration

36469 - When no flows are available on a Dynamics entity, the fly-out keeps saying loading...

SharePoint Integration

36510 - Error coming back from SharePoint can't be deserialized

Xperido Migration

36650 - When importing a template from Xperido, standard dynamic fields are ignored if there are no custom dynamic fields present on the template

36887 - When importing an XperiDo export, date and time formats are not set correctly in the flow that's created


36311 - The status of a DocuSign envelope is not correctly set

36778 - Data size limit is not used in all scenario's

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.7/Downloads

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