Release Date

September 2020

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

36332 - Switching between execution tabs should either save as draft or show unsaved changes message (if there are)

Project Console

35552 - Notification regarding end of life of Google Cloud printing added if used by a flow

35997 - Ability to 'Save as draft' the content of an anonymous Smart Form

36121 - Flow step 'Read document properties' added.

36123 - Ability to import content from a store

36425 - Introduction of the PrintNode connector as a replacement for the Google Cloud Printing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

35873 - Added support for ADFS5 for Dynamics on-premise installation

36122 - Ability to automatically install/update the Smart Flows solutions in Dynamics when configuring the Dynamics Connector.

Template Builder for Microsoft Word

35678 - Added support for the additional fields in the OneSpan Sign electronic signature.

Portal Integration

36360 - Smart Forms are no longer validated on the 'Save as draft' action.


36692 - RefreshCookie & LogoutCookie are removed from the API (AuthenticateApiController)

Dynamics Integration

36693 - Update on Dynamics 9.x solution


Project Console

36312 - URL validation on a url in the http connector setup doesn't allow 4+ characters as the top level domain

36624 - Setting the field to evaluate on the switch block validation stops the flow from saving

37706 - Data Set: Date picker does not show up when setting a default value on a date/time field

Template Builder for Microsoft Word

36120 - Invalid XSLT generated on specific template with a chart results in an Internal Server Error

Dynamics Integration

36550 - The Dynamics solution (v8) uses Alert.js v2.1 which is not wrapped in the xpertdoc namespace in the js code

36724 - When expanding a N:1 relation in Dynamics a null expansion name is used


Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.6/Downloads

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