Release Date

July, 2020

Release Notes

For on-premise installation, make sure to read the  "Upgrading to 4.5+" section from the 4.5.0 release notes


Project Console

  • Flow Builder - Ability to map images from different site collections in a template
  • Flow Builder - Support of SharePoint url extension allowing access to 'Teams' site.
  • Flow Builder - Ability to map fields of a 1:N relation in a to/cc/bcc field of an email step


  • Added support for SugarCRM v10.1


  • Better management of expiration token


Flow Execution Panel

  • Resource uri cannot be parsed if host contains a '_'
  • Flows aren't reloaded when clicking back to menu button and creating a new flow execution

Project Console

  • Flow Builder - Vague error when using SharePoint Document Locations for entities not enabled for Document Management
  • Flow Builder - When cloning a flow with output, the output is linked to the clone and removed from the original flow
  • Control Panel - Importing a composed template part does not clear the used fields cache on flows
  • Data Set - If a relation is added to a data set without the entity actually being in the data set, the data set builder doesn't render
  • Data Set - Nullptr exception when removing a relation from a data set
  • Endless logout when invalid token is used for log out
  • When exporting a flow, a null pointer exception happens


  • Bad document display name in the response of the "executions/{executionid}/progress"

Xperido Migration

  • It's not possible to import XperiDo templates with empty (StyleGroupType settings).getStyle()


  • Incorrect default values for password policy
  • When downloading template content with server meta info, the base url should be included instead of the url the request was sent to
  • Memory leak from the scheduler thread
  • Flow cache is not tenant specific

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.5/Downloads

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