Release Date

February 2020

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

  • The refresh option on the Smart Form page now asking for a confirmation
  • Ability to update the display name of the execution tab

Project Console

  • An admin is no longer able to deactivate the last native admin user
  • Rework how license information is presented to the user
  • Administrator now able to set a cleanup schedule for "userCreated" documents

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

  • Smart Flows now working with multiple SharePoint sites in one connector


  • Change document count to record temporal data
  • For new projects, the default landing page is the flow execution panel instead of the project console
  • Better handling of the refresh token when a timeout occurs. Retries a number of times to avoid the request to fail


Flow Execution Panel

  • Setting user editable alternatives on non-string properties fails
  • Setting a connector user editable, throws front-end exception
  • Cannot cleanup flow execution names with displayName null

Project Console

  • Data Set - Custom data set sample doesn't keep saved input data
  • Flow Builder - When editing complex variable field with extra constant string no change is detected
  • Flow Builder - Switching between the input block & data blocks, does not update pagination
  • Control Panel - Filters on user table do not work
  • Control Panel - Filtering reporting on dates doesn't work correctly
  • Ellipsis in editors, hides the whole label instead of only parts
  • Refresh during test should only be done on the flow execution panel view
  • Adding a composed template to an email body results in a "No language specified"-error
  • Syncing users of one environment with a users of another one, can result in errors
  • License migration does not handle month counters

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

  • Document attachments on Dynamics emails cannot be sent
  • When generating a dynamics email for multiple records, the wrong data is used in the email body

SharePoint Integration

  • It is no longer possible to create a new SharePoint connector
  • When re-configuring a SharePoint connector, there is a nullpointerexception when refreshing the tokens

Sugar Integration

  • Sugar relationships aren't always defined even when they are a property of a field
  • When documents in multiple languages are merged, the resulting document has all parts in the same language


  • Tooltips are not visible for icons on error pop up
  • Output data in the flow run report isn't shown
  • The stop flow step doesn't completely seem to stop the flow for multiple records
  • Smartflow 4.4 does not work in ie 11
  • Retrieving signatures from a pdf fails when custom properties are set on a document

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.4/Downloads

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