Release Date

January, 2020

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

  • The Flow Execution Panel has been revamped to be more intuitive

Project Console

  • Data Set - In a sample, ability to limit the number of records from 1:N relationship.
  • Data Set - Ability to add a sample for Smart Forms data set.
  • Flow Builder - Ability to retrieve data based on a field.
  • Flow Builder - Introduction of the 'Stop Flow' block.
  • Flow Builder - Introduction of the 'Retrieve Document' block.
  • Flow Builder - Improvement of the feature to test a flow.
  • Control Panel - Ability to manage SSL certificates.
  • Connected users are now disabled when the Login Connector is deleted.
  • Control Panel - An administrator is now able to limit the time allowed for a data set to fetch the data avoiding long running requests to lock the server.
  • Users - Password policy has been updated to increase the strength and minimum length

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

  • E-Mail (Dynamics) Block - Better handling at resolving the email address when not using an entity reference.
  • Improvement to limit the number of API calls

Sugar Integration

  • Roles are no longer removed after updating the Sugar APP.
  • Ability to install a module twice without interfering with previously installed versions.
  • Smart Flows now compatible with SugarCRM 9.2

Template Builder for Microsoft Word

  • Improvement on label of the metadata fields
  • Ability to map images and documents from a File System Connector
  • Ability to map images and documents from an Xpertdoc Portal Connector
  • Ability to map images and documents from an HTTP Connector


  • XML external entity processing now disabled for incoming XML
  • Captcha mechanism added to validate authentication when detecting bad logins
  • Better indication for administrator when old style license expires


Flow Execution Panel

  • Validation of custom data set interfere with the 'Next' button
  • A non-active user should not be able to run flows using the /start endpoint
  • Execution panel cannot load statistics when logged in with a smart flows user
  • 35547 - Smart Form inside a flow is not responsive when open from a draft.

Project Console

  • Data Set - When editing a sample on a standard data set, fields are editable before being populated
  • Data Set - When deleting a data set, the resize of the window with dependencies is not perform properly
  • Data Set - Can't use Xml data fields where entity references are expected
  • Data Set - When saving a data set, a warning pops up briefly
  • Control Panel - External users without external ID can't be deactivated anymore
  • Clicking the Login button doesn't always redirect
  • Flow Builder - The data array no longer has labels in the generate document step
  • Flow Builder - Testing a flow execution based on a composed template doesn't work
  • Flow Builder = When testing a flow, the execution cannot be found if not logged in with the same user in both apps

Sugar Integration

  • When connecting over HTTP, a better error message should be displayed
  • Data fetch keeps looping forever

Portal Integration

  • Link to portal document in Content Manager doesn't work
  • If no portal url, client id and client secret are set, you cannot complete portal connector setup
  • Smart Form height in execution-panel not correct when Portal Login screen is showing

API Integration

  • When no connector is configured on a project, you can't log in with api key
  • When logging in there are incrementally more api calls to the SF api


  • Users count updated only when visiting the users page.
  • Flows uploading to SFTP should have timeout
  • Content of a document is not removed when the cleanup is processed
  • Logo on login page missing

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.4/Downloads

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