Release Date

October 27, 2019

Release Notes


Project Console

  • Control panel - Allow to edit the description of a connected user
  • Control panel - Status message now displayed after a sync of the system tag
  • Control panel - Ability to import large XPA files in a Smart Flows project

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

  • Dynamics 365 Solution - Dynamics version added to the description 

Sugar Integration

  •  Better handling of the Sugar access token to prevent invalidation


  • Flow Execution - Caching added for used fields on a flow


Flow Execution Panel

  • Refresh button not refreshing
  • When clicking 'Run another flow', the spinner stops before everything has been loaded
  • Continue a flow in user input from the flow history redirects to an invalid url
  • Clicking the refresh button in the Flow Execution Panel only works when you click the icon itself
  • Value for some input properties of flow steps is not correctly used when made user editable
  • User editable fields for Generated Document - Document Name is not used

Project Console

  • Data set builder - Advanced Fields not sorted properly when not all having display names
  • Flow builder -  Not able to set a custom timestamp format
  • Control Panel - Inconsistency between users list from settings and users management
  • Control Panel - Connectors - When canceling a connector setup with the X instead of cancel button, the connector is not deleted
  • Flow Builder - Store in SharePoint block - Multiple lines of text metadata type doesn't allow input of multiple lines
  • Data Set Builder - Dates from Custom Data Set not properly formatted in template
  • Control panel - Import/export - Chrome crashes when importing large XPA file
  • Control panel - Assets - Create asset closes immediately when clicked on create
  • If loginmethods are not loaded yet, clicking on "Login with password" shows nullptr in console & nothing happens
  • Flow Builder - User editable with user alternatives doesn't use the overwritten value
  • Data Set builder - Data sets base on a smart form containing a datepicker are not processed correctly
  • Data Set builder - Make smart form selection for smart form dataset editable
  • Flow Builder - Cannot create switch block and edit it
  • Data Set Builder - Users can't update the content of schema data sets

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

  • Existing Dynamics Connector can be used for Data Sets even when no longer licensed
  • Dynamics workflow SmartFlowsPollActivity with failOnError set to false, still makes the workflow fail
  • Wrong classid in Dynamics solution
  • Internal error when determining Document Location when multiple locations involved
  • When using the Dynamics solution in a crm with multiple businessUnits, it craches
  • Dynamics plugin craches when the user is in the top level businessUnit

AdobeSign Connector

  • Connectivity/Authentication issue

Sugar Integration

  • When a flow is started using the "Quick run" button, if the creator field is used in its template, it is filled with Sugar Service user
  • Cannot run a flow from Sugar in batch mode (skip user input)
  • Clearing the connector cache should also clear the frontend datasourcelayout cache


  • When using a composition, only signatures from first document are translated to actual signatures in the document sent to DocuSign
  • Boolean conditions on composed template parts are not correctly evaluated
  • Switching projects on the same URL breaks the frontend
  • When /me api endpoint returns with a http error code 404, the browser shows a white screen
  • Cannot delete mapped output field in a flow output definition
  • Emoji's in input data cause exception
  • Duplicate name handling takes global lock
  • Incoming requests can interfere with database migration
  • Flow execution history doesn't work in IE
  • List pages no longer scroll
  • Cannot edit a tag group

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.3/Downloads

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