Release Date

July 6, 2021

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

37594 - Validate the Smart Forms only on submit

37385 - Improve the speed for a flow run to start

The http request will return immediately without resolving data. This is now handled by the flow execution itself

37594 - Smart Forms are validated only when submitted

Project Console

33784 - Ability to configure projects Font

By uploading a font asset, Smart Flows will recognize this and use it to generate the document

36727 - Ability to assign Metadata to a PDF

In the flow builder, in the convert step, metadata can be assigned to a pdf. Supported fields are: Author, title, subject, keywords, creation date & modification date

37154 - Get notified when an electronically signed document/envelope is declined/rejected.

37297 - Document Count now included in the reporting

37443 - Update invalid/missing selector for Flow pages (excluding FlowBuilder)

37619 - When used in a flow, the Convert step now applied on the document that's provided as input and not on it's origin

37686 - Introduction of a new licensing model with activation keys.

37756 - The modal to test a flow now remembers the last selected input sample and user.

Template Builder

36804 - Ability to select an image format

You can now specify the format of an inserted image with the options: Maintain, png or Jpeg

37153 - Ability to set the signer language with DocuSign

A designer can specify the language for each DocuSign envelope signer

Dynamics Integration

37708 - Ability to set the timeout value for batch requests

The configuration property 'socket.connectionRequestTimeout' now used to set timeout on batch requests instead of default 30sec

38020 - When a field in a data set has the wrong type according to the dynamics meta data, log a better message


37154 - Get notified when a document/envelope is declined/rejected during electronic signature ceremony.

37618 - Add support to change the compliancy level of an existing pdf document

37691 - Migrate API documentation to OpenAPI 3

37750 - Keep track of the time a request is accepted to know how much time is spent waiting for an execution thread

37753 - Better handling of the 'Causing exception' in error handling.

37774 - Improvement of the speed to load flows


Flow Execution Panel

37496 - Validation of custom data set input form fails for prepopulated checkboxes

37656 - Second Get User input from a Custom dataset with ask question first is not displayed during flow execution

Project Console

36589 - Linked field is misplaced when editing content of an email message

37301 - Incorrect Flow step name when adding Generate document block that use Smart Form to collect data

37248 - Losing focus on text filters in tables page

37451 - The error message for short password doesn't indicate which field should have a length > 8

37497 - Webdav connector test fails with message "because it is a relative path, and no base URI was provided"

37533 - Invalid Docusign value for 'status' in envelope definition. Only 'sent' or 'created' (default) are allowed

37544 - Unable to set Samples Store url containing sub path 

37559 - Flow steps not reloaded when uploading a new license file

37601 - The dropdown to select a connector in the Fetch Document step only shows one item at a time.

37735 - Unable to save repeatable date-time fields for custom data sets

37754 - Unselecting Column in Assets Filter and Columns list does nothing, need to refresh the page to see change

37951 - Mapped parameters from condition/switch blocks have become have invalid

38016 - Issues with graph on license page

Template Builder

37508 - Template function currentDateTime() does not use the project's timezone

Dynamics Integration

37471 - "General" record form not visible with "Smart flows administrator" role in the Dynamics solution

SharePoint Integration

37773 - Using Document Locations based on entity does not create the correct folder structure

Salesforce integration

37737 - No support for custom field property readOnlyProxy and formula


37939 - E-signature providers other than DocuSign don't handle properly signatures that are added in a loop

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.11/Downloads

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