Release Date

May 3rd, 2021

Release Notes


Project Console

35707 - Ability for a designer to see a preview of the whole template directly from the Project Console.

37001 - Better handling of bulk deletion of items

Deleting items now all happen at once. Report shown if one item fails.

37202 - Option to deactivate the 'Fields Reducer' at the flow level

The 'Fields reducer' is a mechanism in place to limit the data provided to the Template / Flow to only fields those being used (mapped). A field only used in a condition, for instance, was potentially removed from the payload by the 'Fields Reducer'.

SugarCRM integration

37476 - Added support for SugarCRM v11

SugarCRM 11 introduced CSP (Content Security Policy). Make sure to update the CSP configuration (Administration → System → Content Security Policy Settings) to trust the URL of the Smart Flows project. For more info, click here.


Flow Execution Panel

37597 - Unable to use user editable enumeration values in the execution panel

Project Console

36688 - The language of a document is not always set consistently in the output of a flow execution

36777 - Automatic user sync not working properly (Cron expression generated in front end are not always valid according to the back end)

36904 - Unable to map a data set field from the output of a condition in flow builder

37035 - Second dot not kept in document name when running Fetch document block

37267 - Notification message display license as monthly instead of yearly

37290 - Should not allow autocomplete on flow blocks password fields

37342 - Input data is not retrieved in flow execution reports

37414 - Typing to filter in the system tag groups doesn't actually filter, it just highlights

37481 - When importing a flow, it is not accessible until refreshing the front-end

37498 - Opening imported large flow results in unexpected slowness

37517 - Selecting other envelope status in 'Send to DocuSign' block generates an error

37520 - Unable to use the pdfA1a pdf compliance for small file sizes

37545 - Create Data block strings is UTF-8 interpreted as ISO 8859-1 when using it for Smart Form default values

37552 - Error during flow execution cleanup

37592 - Fetched document files lose their extension when they are not for a known Smart Flows document type

Salesforce integration

37310 - Salesforce email attachment are not available in CRM but sent to email recipient

SugarCRM integration

37338 - Sugar custom field of type relate is not visible in the N:1 relations list of the data set builder 

Template Design

36619 - Numbers from expressions, used in conditions as numbers, are not always parsed well

36907 - Sort fields are not resolved correctly in nested loops


37596 - When the system default encoding is not UTF-8, an invalid encoding is used when reading generated HTML

37657 - Standard socket properties are not applied to all connections

37712 - Compositions are not evicted from cache properly when one of the parts is updated

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.10/Downloads

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