Release Date

1 August 2018

Release Notes


Flow Execution Panel

  • Always show tag group and tag panel

Project Console

  • General: better visualization of filtering options
  • General: Improved tag selector
  • General: re-organization of menu items and controls
  • Data Set Builder: Improved Create field dialog for custom data sets
  • Flow Builder: Optimized flow block selection
  • Flow Builder: Replace single timestamp format parameters by separate parameters for date and time
  • Settings: Simplified sync schedule on user synchronization
  • Template Management: Optimized previewing

Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft SharePoint Integration

  • Capability to exclude flow from Smart Flows command fly-out
  • Capability to execute a smart flow from a Microsoft Dynamics workflow
  • Capability to store generated documents in Microsoft SharePoint in a chosen location, with or without metadata

Template Builder for Microsoft Word



  • Migration Path: Partially automated migration from XperiDo 3.4.x to Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.0.0 – Project import

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